Tooth Whitening Kits


For gleaming pearly whites, as good as the dentist.

St Tropez Tanning Range

Discover St.Tropez self tan, gradual and instant tanning products and get a beautiful tan all year long.

Waistline Slimming Supplements


The strongest, most effective herbal slimming supplements on the market.  Depresses appetite and boosts energy levels. Mega results.

Firmslim Cellulite Mousse


Cellulite Treatment Mousse.
Firm up and diminish the dimples with this critically acclaimed product. Light Bubbly Mousse, penetrates quickly to firm and smooth cellulite.


Colonic Purifying Capsules

Helps to clear, excises and tone the colon with it's amazing herbal ingredients..

Dermalogica Products

The whole range is
available for optimum
results at home.

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