Jessica Zennspa Pedicures


Embrace the exhilaration of Zenspa by Jessica.  We invite you to experience Zenspa, a sophisticated state-of-the-art system that caters for your individual needs & is designed for your total comfort & well being.  Not only does Zenspa deep cleanse & exfoliate dry, dull skin cells, it nurtures, revitalises & rejuvenates skin to a healthier softer condition.


Rediscover yourself in the Zenspa journey.


Jessica Zenspa Pedicure (1hr)                                  £36

Jessica Zenspa French Pedicure (1hr 15mins)       £38

Jessica Luxury Zenspa Pedicure (1hr 30mins)       £46

(with mask & heated mitts)

Toe & Shape Paint                                                     £20

Jessica Manicures


The Jessica Nail Treatment System, also known as ‘Manicure to the Stars’, has often been seen on some of the most beautiful nails in the world.  The Jessica Manicure analyses & treats each nail to it’s specific nail type.  The nails are cared for with oils & creams, the nail shape perfected & finished with a treatment basecoat & your choice of custom colour polish.


Jessica Prescriptive Manicure  (45mins)                  £32

Jessica Prescriptive French Manicure (1 hr)          £34

Jessica Deluxe Manicure (1hr 15mins)                     £41

Men’s Executive Manicure (40mins)                        £27

Shape & Paint                                                              £20


Making an appointment couldn't be easier, just click here to email us and request your treatment, time and date and we'll get back to you.

La Remedi Hand Rejuvenation


Ideal for hands which are showing signs of ageing, this rejuvenating treatment includes cleansing & exfoliating, followed by a hydrating mask & firming liposomes serum which leaves your delicate skin polished & smooth.


Treatment (30mins)                                                    £32

Nail Art


Special Occasion? – Why not try some funky Nail Art?  We have a vast range of designs in all different shapes and colours – glitter & even leopard print.  Whether it’s your toes or your fingers, be sure that we can make your nails stand out from the crowd!


Rhinestones                                                       25p each

Nail Art on 2 Fingers or Toes  (Thumbs etc)              £4

Nail Art on all Fingers or Toes                                 £12

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