Geleration Gel By Jessica


Professional GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish. A revolutionary soak-off gel system created with the natural nail in mind. Long lasting perfection



Shape & Paint with Geleration                                £35
Jessica Manicure with Geleration                           £45

Jessica Manicure with French Geleration              £47

Soak Off                                                                        £20

Soak Off with New Set                                               £10



Shape & Paint with Geleration on Toes                 £35

Pedicure with Geleration on Toes                           £48


Bio Sculpture Nail Extentions

The healthier alternative to acrylics & other harsh gel formulations. Bio Sculpture is the one and only nail extension system which leaves nails strong, flexible & natural looking while at the same time strengthening and promoting growth of natural nails. Bio Sculpture is a self-levelling gel which eliminates excessive buffing & does not require dehydrating primers, bonders and sealers. The gel comes in a vast range of colours including clear gel and French gels. The gel cures under UVA light in 2 minutes so no time is wasted waiting for the product to dry.


Bio Sculptured Extensions

Full set extensions with clear gel (1hr 30mins)    £51

Full set extensions with colour gel (1hr 30mins)  £54

Full set extensions with French gel (1hr 30mins) £56

Full set extensions with clear gel painted

(1hr 45mins)                                                                 £57


Bio Sculpture Overlays

Clear gel on natural nails (45mins)                         £38

Colour gel on natural nails                                      £40

French gel on natural nails                                      £42

Clear gel on natural nails painted                          £46


Bio Sculpture Overlays on Toes

Clear gel on natural toenails                                   £36

Colour gel on natural toenails                                £38 
French gel on natural toenails                                £40


Soak Off                                                                       £18

Soak Off with New Set                                                £8


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