Universal Contour Wrap

1 Wrap (2hrs)                                                                          £70

​Course of 3 wraps                                                              £175

​Course of 5 wraps                                                              £280


​Partial Wrap                                                                          £55

​Course of 3 partial wraps                                           £137.50

​Course of 5 partial wraps                                                £220

The Universal Contour Wrap is the nation’s most effective & favourite warp with unbelievable results!  It is guaranteed to lose a minimum of 6 inches on your first full wrap or your money back.  Stays off for 30 days.  The highly concentrated wrap is made from the best sea salt & clay and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple & firmed.  Can be used as part of a diet or detox programme.  Ideal for a special occasion as it is usual to go down one dress size at least.  For a much more permanent result it is advised to try one or our courses.



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